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Parks And Plates: The Geology Of Our National Parks, Monuments, And Seashores.epub Hawling

References Geosites Category:GIS software Category:Land management Category:Physical geography Category:Outdoor locatingIn recent years, systems are known which use cloud computing techniques for constructing and operating systems on client terminals (a client system). Such a cloud computing system operates for providing a specific service in cooperation with a cloud server. A cloud computing system is an interactive information service which utilizes the network to provide information and various services with high efficiency and security. The cloud computing technique is to provide a specific service such as an application software and a data storage service using computing resources located in a data center operated by a third party, and to offer the service from the data center to a client system. The term “cloud” does not mean a specific environment, but is used to refer to a wide range of computing environments that can be used. The typical cloud computing environment includes a service layer which includes a service provisioning and maintenance function, and a data storage layer which includes a storage service function. A document service is a type of cloud service which, for example, provides cloud document management systems in which document contents are managed in a network environment. In the case of a cloud document management system, it is assumed that a document is present on a document server in the data storage layer and the cloud document management system is constructed in the service layer. With this construction, the cloud document management system manages various kinds of document data (data items) stored on the document server, and provides a user with a search service based on the data management function. One document management system is known which provides a service in which a user inputs the names of document data and receives a list of document data in order of decreasing access frequency (refer to PTL 1). Further, one document management system is known in which if any one of a plurality of document data items has been designated, the designated document data item is obtained from the document server and displayed in an edit box (refer to PTL 2). One document management system is known which provides a function in which, when a search condition is input, the search is carried out in a database for document data (refer to PTL 3). However, if, in the case of the cloud document management system, document data stored on a server is accessed using a thin client, for example, it is preferable that a user is provided with a search service in accordance with the input condition (a search term, etc.) by which the ac619d1d87

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